Advanced DMEK Wetlab Courses for Experienced Corneal Surgeons

For corneal surgeons who are already familiar with standard DMEK (Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty) and who would like to deepen their knowledge and experience, NIIOS Academy organizes advanced wetlab courses.

DMEK is the latest refinement and innovative technique for endothelial keratoplasty and was pioneered by NIIOS in 2006. It allows the selective replacement of the patient’s diseased Descemet membrane including its endothelium. Apart from unprecedented visual outcomes, DMEK provides additional advantages such as a near perfect restoration of the corneal anatomy, low complication rates and promising graft survival rates.

A multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic corneal surgeons, eye bank specialists and researchers is waiting to welcome you in Rotterdam and share the details of this procedure with you, including our protocols and experiences with DMEK. All this information is first-hand: NIIOS developed these techniques in-house and continues to refine them.

Almost 600 corneal surgeons have already taken a wetlab course at NIIOS and many have successfully started performing DMEK afterward. Feel free to have a look at our previous course participants.

For the DMEK beginners course, click here. Read more our Bowman Layer Transplantation course here. For an overview of the dates of our courses and the possibility to register, click here.