Fees, Payment and Insurance

This page provides you with information about treatment fees, how you can pay them, and how you can have your health insurance provider reimburse you.

Fees 2021:
The fee for a consultation is €369.50 and includes all the examinations required to thoroughly assess and diagnose your situation and to discuss your options for treatment and draft a treatment plan with you. An initial consultation does not obligate you to further treatment in any way.

The fee for a corneal transplantation is € 9,995. This fee also includes the donor tissue and your first postoperative checkups.

The fee for UV crosslinking to treat keratoconus is € 2,100 which also includes all your postoperative checkups for the first month after surgery.

After our medical team has thoroughly examined you and created a tailored treatment plan for you, we will give you a binding price for your entire treatment plan. You can then decide whether you want to proceed.

The registration and invoicing of the provided care is executed in accordance with the legislation and regulations of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). Accordingly, all the care provided by us in a certain period is grouped into a DBC (Diagnosis Care Combination) care product. A DBC care product is based on the medical diagnosis and performed care activities in a determined period by the NZa. One DBC care product results in one invoice. The amount of the invoice depends on the number of visits and the associated costs of the conducted consultations.

The duration of a DBC care product is 90 or 120 days. At the end of DBC care product term you will receive an invoice from us. You pay the fee for your treatment directly to the clinic. In turn, you can submit the invoice to your health insurance provider for reimbursement.

Reimbursement by Your Health Insurance Provider:
In general, your health insurance will reimburse the total amount or part of your costs for corneal disease treatment. The level of reimbursement varies according to insurance provider or country.

We recommend you to contact your health insurance provider in advance to find out what they will cover. Be sure to explain the urge of surgery abroad. If you live in the European Union, you can also contact your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ask for more information about the EU directive for cross-border medical care*, and how your country has incorporated this directive into its own legislation.

(* EU directive 2011/24 states that EU citizens are entitled to receive reimbursement for medical care received in another EU member state. This means your health insurance provider must reimburse you the same amount for your corneal surgery in the Netherlands using the latest, most advanced techniques, as they would for surgery in your own country, which might use older, more conservative techniques.)

Our front desk team is happy to assist you further.